Breaking; Attorney General Withdraws Notice of Motion Filed at The High Court


The Attorney general Kihara Kariuki has withdrawn his notice of motion that he filed at the High court seeking stay orders on the ruling that nullified BBI.

While withdrawing his notice of motion, the AG has said he has opted to move to the court of appeal, to seek the same reliefs that he was seeking at the high court.

Earlier, the High court had declared it will issue a ruling on the 26th of May in regards to the AG's application, but that may not go ahead, after the the notice of motion has been withdrawn.

Constitutional Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Sunday questioned the AG's wisdom in seeking stay orders at the same Court that nullified BBI, wondering why Mr Kariuki didn't move to the Court of appeal straightaway.

"VERY INTERESTING that the ATTORNEY GENERAL seeks stay of the bbi judgment in the High Court and NOT the Court of Appeal...that sends a potent and powerful message that AG doesn't see the matter as one of extreme urgency."

However, it seems the AG will now move to the Court of appeal instead.