PRAYER: Lord, Please Help Me To Lead By Example

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While there are spiritual pacesetters in the body of Christ today, it is regrettable that they are few. "And you became followers of us, and of the Lord, having received the word amid much sorrow, with gladness of the Holy Ghost," 1 Thessalonians 1:6-7 says. So that all who believe in Macedonia and Achaia would see you as an example.”

One thing we might learn from the apostles of old is how joyfully they received God's word. Modern Christians, on the other hand, have a habit of selectively obeying portions of God's word. Preachers nowadays carefully select messages that their congregations will not find 'offensive.' "Thou therefore who teaches another, dost thou not teach thyself?" should be heeded by every minister of God. Do you steal, thou who preaches that a man should not steal? Do you commit adultery because you claim a guy should not commit adultery? Do you commit sacrilege because you despise idols?" (Romans 2:21-22)

A spiritual pacesetter must live by what he or she preaches, in addition to warning evildoers and sinners against iniquity. Living by God's word, a Christian must shine brightly as light in this world (Matthew 5:14). "....of all that Jesus began both to perform and to teach," (Acts 1:1)

Jesus put His teachings into action. The first disciples preached the gospel and lived their lives in accordance with God's word. With their words and their actions, they proclaimed the gospel.

In terms of holiness, Christians should set the example for nonbelievers. We are expected to set an example for the next generation. "Let your light so shine before others," Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 5:16, "that they may see your good works and praise your Father who is in heaven."

As Christ's ambassadors in the world, Christians are expected to lead by example. In Jesus' name, may you not disappoint God in your daily life.

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