Bobrisky Blasts Actress Nkechi Blessing, Says He Has 4 Luxurious Cars While She Still Drives Toyota


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The disagreement between Bobrisky and actress Nkechi Blessing started after Bobrisky allegedly started a fight with her over a man. In response to the accusations, actress Nkechi posted a message on her media page telling Bobrisky not to speak or talk to her anyhow because of a man.

In her system, she wrote: "I tell you say I no go reply you, But waiai if i spare you 30 mins of my precious time you go log out IG. You must be really MAD. Why your bestie leave you? You want use me learn how to fight? i go knock your door drag you come outside come fight that fight."

"Person wey bleaching cream don turn skin to pig wants my reply. Bobrisky yoh must be really stupid. na people wey never stay close to you side by side Dey foo for you. You stink BRO! Get a skin surgery ASAP! You must be mad BRO!"

"My dear my Gist no Dey your hand ooo. Las las you by urself go use your mouth tell dem say you don Dey fight me since last year because of Man as in the thing over shock me. Make man Dey fight me cus of Man. I don try avoid you but you no gree since 2019 well maybe now is the time!"

However, moments after actress Nkechi posted this on her media page, Bobrisky Replied by saying this, see his statement below.

"Nkechi are mad ? Do you want to be unfortunate ? Dis are pictures of all my amazing machines, bad ass machines. Let me even ask you nkechi how many lives have you saved from dying, how many people have you helped ? Incase there is one indoor know please tell me or post if they born your mama well. your own na to they shake ur EXPIRE ass up and down. Never in your life compare myself to you again."

"Nkechi or whatever your names is called, I like my space and peace a lot, that is y I don’t follow people here, but when you crossed your lane you are definitely waking a dangerous python 2, up, I know you and clout are 5 and 6 and we are both SHAMELESS!!! So let roll d dice. Never in your life mention my name on ur stupid page your whole generation. lf you have any issue with me be brave and face me let roll d dice. Na me say make you they do audio giveaway for your page ? Or na me swear for you not to have money to appreciate your so called fans for writing your name. If that person that wrote your name knows how broke you are she won't even dare to do that. I'm not part of d people you share your palliative to o ! So it easy to drag you like | pass my neighbor generator. i will be expecting your reply on dis so i can now fire back all your bad records."

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