Four (4) Reasons You Are Prone to Spiritual Attack in Your Life

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Fellow readers, please allow me to share with you six important reasons why you were subjected to spiritual attacks in your life.

 When you encounter a spiritual attack in your life, reveal the following about yourself: 

 1. God Tests You 

 God tests you to see your loyalty and loyalty to Him. If you are truly faithful to God, He will be with you in every battle that comes your way. 


 2. Your time of exaltation is imminent. 




 If God wants to lift you, the devil will always attack you to prevent God from rising above your life. These attacks can come in the form of disappointment on the part of people. In your inner circle, it can be an illness or anything that can cause you pain and lead to hopelessness. 


 3. The devil is at work 




 the mission of the devil, as described in John 10:10, is to steal to kill and destroy. God wants to bless you 

 Attacks can also be a sign that God's blessing is certain for your life. The devil will always try to keep us from these blessings, hence the numerous attacks. 

 4. God Prepares a Testimony 

 The spiritual attack may indicate that God is preparing a testimony so that it will be glorified in the end. Just as Job testified of God's goodness at the end of his suffering, we are also expected to appreciate God in good times and bad (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Our sufferings can be an encouragement to another if we do not give up. 


 Have you ever experienced a spiritual attack? What did you learn from the experience?

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