Revealed Huddah Monroe Defends 21-Year-Old Girl Who Was Gifted Money By Belgian Lover

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Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has defended Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge, 21, who is being pursued by the Assets Recovery Agency after receiving Ksh.102,654,024 from her Belgian boyfriend.

On November 20, the socialite said on her Instagram stories that some men out there give their girlfriends a lot of money as pocket money, unlike Kenyan men, who don't give any pocket money at all.

Huddah insisted that the money should be taxed and given to the 21 year old. The entrepreneur also added that when she was 21 years, she got a car gift from her then boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the recovery agency believes Felesta's bank account was used as a conduit for money laundering, and they are concerned that if no action is taken to freeze the funds, the account will be emptied.

The wealthy foreigner, who claimed to be a Bitcoin investor, stated that he had nothing to hide and that he gave the money to his girlfriend because they were together and she was pregnant for him. Mesel also expressed his displeasure with the ordeal he had at the hands of Kenyan authorities, who he claimed raided his home after he sent the money to his lover.

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