MOVIES: Watch These 10 Korean Romantic Movies. "English Subtitled" (With Sites To Download Them)

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What is more beautiful than love? I haven't really seen that thing. Love is what we need to help our relationships survive.

Every relationship without love is just like a house without roof. Relationships ranging from the parents to their child (family), a boy and a girl (love birds) all needs love in order to keep burning.

Wise individuals learnt some great and tough lessons about love from certain onscreen love birds just like the all time Titanic, Romeo & Juliet etc. This helped them to fix their various relationships and thereby setting a lifetime plan with their spouse or kids or even parents.

Some of the movies are beacons of hope, some are passionate but brief, and others are tragic heartbreakers.

These are the best Korean movies of all time about relationships and romance. See list below.

No. 1. On The List Is, "My Sassy Girl 2001"

My Sassy Girl is a 2001 Korean movie based on Romance, Comedy and Drama.

No. 2. On The List Is, "Portrait Of Beauty 2008"

Portrait of Beauty is a 2008 Korean movie based only on Romance and drama.

No. 3. On The List Is, "My Wife Is An Agent 2009"

My Wife is an Agent is a 2009 Korean movie based on Romance, Action and Comedy.

No. 4. On The List Is, "A Moment To Remember 2004"

A Moment to Remember is a 2004 Korean movie based on Romance and Drama.

No. 5. On The List Is, "A Werewolf Boy 2012"

A Werewolf Boy is a Korean 2012 movie based on Romance and Fantasy.

No. 6. On The List Is, "Marriage Is A Crazy Thing 2002"

Marriage is a Crazy This is a 2002 Korean movie based on Romance and Drama.

No. 7. On The List Is, "More Than Blue 2009"

More Than Blue is a 2009 Korean movie based on Romance and Drama.

No. 8. On The List Is, "The Beauty Inside 2015"

The Beauty Inside is a 2015 Korean Movie based on Romance and Drama.

No. 9. On The List Is, "Be With You 2018"

Be With You is a Korean 2018 movie based on Romance and Drama.

No. 10. On The List Is, "Always 2011"

Always is a Korean 2011 movie bases on Romance and Drama.

All the movies listed above can be download from these sites.

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