The Price Of Juice In Zimbabwe Will Sh0ck You - Inflation In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe's economy is currently not performing well and as a result inflation has skyrocketed.

The increase in inflation means that individuals will struggle on a daily basis to afford basic Necessities, it also means that the salaries that individuals get paid are not enough to cover these costs.

International Journalist, Hopewell Chin'ono has share dsome of the hight prices of basic commodities in Zimbabwe, one being of a popular juice called Mazoe that is manufactured in the country.

The juice goes for Z$ 1399.99, which is extremely high considering that this is a large portion of how much most individuals get paid.

Zimbabwe also currently does not have a stable currency, meaning exchange rates are extremely high and are constantly fluctuating.

One way for inflation to go down in Zimbabwe would be for the stabilization of the currency, this will also improve the economic conditions in the country.

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