'See 6 Things Which Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man.

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Check out this list of the top six reasons why women stop respecting men.

The following is a list of the top six reasons why a woman will lose respect for a man:

1. Mistrust:

Little white falsehoods have a tendency to hurt your conscience, and you may begin to question both your judgment and his. When in a relationship with you, a woman places a high level of importance on being able to rely on you to tell the truth and live your life with integrity. This is one of the most essential things to a woman. It doesn't matter if it's a "little white lie" to "stay out of trouble with her" or a massive fib that, if discovered, will have life altering repercussions; the majority of women won't tolerate their partner being dishonest on a consistent basis. This is true regardless of the type of lie it is.

2. No direction: 

You get the impression that you always need to keep leading the relationship since he has no idea where he wants things to go, such as whether or not he wants things to progress toward marriage.

3. Not being able to provide: 

There may be times when the woman is the primary breadwinner, but if the man isn't making any attempt to provide for the family, we lose respect for him.

4. Feeling like your second or third: 

when we get the impression that our jobs, our friends, our parents, and so on come before you. When a man lets his women know that they are his top priority, it gives us women a sense of self-worth and validation.

5. No initiative:

It is good to have a partner who you do not need to continuously asking for help with things like housework, looking after the kids, or cooking when life grows busier and especially when it comes to raising a family.

6. Infidelity and obvious flirting:

Research has shown that one of the classic indicators that might accompany cheating incidents in marriages is a condition called post-infidelity stress disorder. [Citation needed] As a result of the fact that this might put a woman's mental and emotional health in jeopardy, she may end up reacting to her spouse in a way that may give him the impression that he is being disrespected.

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