Your Time Is Up, Alfred Mutua Tells Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka After His Unity Failure

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With less than a year to the 2022 general elections, political temperatures are rising day by day.

The recent concluded by-election in Nguu Masumba, independent candidate Timothy Meneno won beating both candidates of United Democratic Alliance and Wiper party. This led to both Makueni and Machakos governors rejoicing over the outcome.

Alfred Mutua tells Wiper party leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka that his time was up. Mutua argued that Kalonzo has failed in his Ukambani unity saying that he has never initiated development and empowerment to the people of north eastern region.

"Unfortunately, Hon. Kalonzo has never seized this opportunity to initiate development and empower the people of the region because development and how to initiate it, is simply not in his DNA. It is not his fault - he is just intrinsically incapable," Mutua said.

Mutua argued that Wiper leader has been on political positions, disruptions and wagon tribal cards.

"Unfortunately and as as a stroke of bad luck for the Ukambani region, for Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, it has been about power, positions, disruptions and waging the tribal card for himself and very little for the people who have kept him at the national table," Mutua added.

He added that the region needs a leader who focuses on water, tarmac roads, employment and financial empowerment.

"We need a new leadership that focuses on water, tarmac roads, employment, financial empowerment, among others for the community and not just on a position for an individual. It is time for a humble wealthy community,"

Mutua said that Wiper leader is no longer a person to negotiate with when dealing with politics of the south eastern region.

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