RIP| She was sadly killed in a brutal way, see how

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South Africa is an unsafe place for women, women in the country are killed on a daily basis and everywhere. They are not safe in streets, at schools, in public places and even in their own homes.

On average, 3-4 women lose their lives daily in the hands of a man, be it someone who is a complete stranger, someone they know or someone close to them or even their partners.

The cases of men killing their partners is the most common, it's become something that doesn't shock us as a country. Am not saying its normal, it's not normal but it is sadly a reality that we have to live with.

A woman is likely to be killed by a man that to die of natural causes in this country, its scary. Women have to look over their shoulders elsewhere because at the rate that this is going women are even scared of trusting their own partners.

There are so many men who end up killing their partners, for different reasons even. At this point it's even scary to get into a relationship without thinking that there is a possibility that the man you choose to date may be your killer.

Nomaphelo Sifuba meet her untumely death at the hands of her partner, she was mutilated by her partner and he murdered her in a very brutal way.

The 32 year-old woman died a painfully death, According to the source, her alleged partner cut out her tongue, slashed her cheeks and then slit her throat.

Her lifeless body was found by her family, with her partner standing over it.

People can be heartless, this is just plain evil and an inhumane thing to do. Hope goes to jail for a long time, He must rot in jail for doing this.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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