Popular Radio Presenter Cries Foul After Performing A Vasectomy Only To Be Later Dump by Wife


Radio presenter Nick Ndedwa seems not to be a happy man after the recent occurrences in his life. The celebrated media personality has been in a strong relationship with the wife known as Muthoni. The two have been couple goals for most of young unmarried people in the country who looked on them as a source of inspiration. In an Instagram post shared by blogger Edgar Obare, the two seems to have patted ways a month ago.

Media personality Nick and wife Muthoni

News details have now emerged on how Nick underwent a vasectomy just to keep their marriage strong. Reasons for doing the act still remains a secret but most netizens are linking the actions to being blinded in love. Netizens expressed the following mixed reactions;

"Let's be serious men, why should you do a vasectomy then be dumbed later," Ochieng

"I can never encourage a man to go through the process. Others should be left for the whites," Apuoyo.

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