Pain As Another Police Officer Commits Suicide By Shooting Himself While On Duty(Photos)


Suicide has brought a lot of problems in this generation that we are in. People have resulted to killing themselves so as to relieve themselves from the pain that they are going through. Some of them are mostly affected from the fact that they are depressed.

Depression is a situation where someone feels like their life has ended. Some of them have no one to turn to where as, others like to suffer by themselves. For the past few weeks, we have had cases of police officers commiting suicide and it's becoming worrying. We are now left wondering about what is going on in the country at the moment.

Some of this police officers have their own problems and to solve them, they kill themselves. Another Officer called David Machwa has been reported dead after he allegedly shot himself with his gun.

This has left us with a lot of worry and they should be checked on each and every time. Rip to the fallen soldier.