Raising Of Kikuyu Grass To Attain 5 Metres Height In Few Months

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Kikuyu grass is commonly used in Kenya for feeding animals like cattle and it also has aesthetic value thus planted and maintain at a certain level in the compound of a homestead.

Apart from it food and aesthetic value, it is also planted as a cover plant to control soil erosion by surface run off. It control the speed of the running water and also binds the soil particles.

Most farmers graze their animals directly on them as a pasture. If properly maintain, they can grow and attain a height more than five metres, after which they can be cut and taken to animals in zero grazing units or dried and make hay for feeding animals.

The farmer should carry out the following three activities to ensure maximum growth of Kikuyu grass;

1. Avoid direct grazing of animals on to the grass field. Cut and carry to them when right height has been achieved.

2. Apply fertilizers to enhance both the vegetative and root growth and development. Diammonium phosphate (DAP) and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) should be applied at the correct time in correct quantity. E.g 50kg/ha of CAN for top dressing.

3. Weeds should be controlled; some weeds suppress the growth of Kikuyu grass, therefore regular weeding should be done.

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