3 Big Mistakes Job Seeker's Make While Hunting For A Job And How To Correct Them

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Getting a good job that can promise something better for you has not been an easy task especially in the current century where the job seeker's exceeds the available job market. If you could have applied for a job and never got a reply, it is a clear indication that you messed up with something that could have not attracted the attention of the HR hence disqualifying you.

Here are some of the mistakes that many job seeker's make and how to correct them

1. Failure to do a deep research on the specific company/organization that you are applying for job. If we consider a case like a company, research involves getting to know at least all what takes place in the company i.e. the management, the services they offer, the company's weakness's etc.

To know all these, one needs to peruse all the websites of the company, social media accounts of the company and also getting prior informations from some workers of the company.

2. Applying for a job of which the requirements given you have not meant them. This mistake us usually popular to make job seeker's but unfortunately they end up wasting time applying for a job which they cannot get.

To avoid getting embarrassed, apply for a job that you know you have at least meant the 75% of the company's requirements. Ensure that you have all the supportive documents that acts as evidence that you have already qualified for that job i.e. education certificates, work experience letter's of the previous jobs etc.

3. Failure to write a well standing out cover letter/resume

A resume is just a summary of who you are, what you are applying for, and why the company/organization needs to employ you.

A resume should not be generic. It should be direct and brief such that one can read it at glance.

Once you meet all these conditions, apply for a job and you will never regret.

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