A Car Carrying Mattress Mysteriously Caught Fire And Destroyed The Car In Mankessim

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A very strange and unfortunate incident has occurred in Mankessim. A vehicle carrying a mattress caught fire as the driver was transporting it to its destination. It was the mattress that caught fire from nowhere and affected the car itself.

The driver tried to stop the car but the location he was driving at had electric wires all over. The driver had to drive the burning car with boldness to a safe destination before he stopped the car and stepped out of the car.

Residents in the area tried to put out the fire with water and sand. The water was not enough so the residents had to break a covered gutter along the road to fetch the dirty water in the gutter to put out the fire.

The car had no fire extinguisher so does the houses around. Due to this, by the time they could put out the fire, the fire had been destroyed. 

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