"Tusijaribu Kujipiga Kifua" Brave Magret Wanjiru Lectures UDA Aspirants In DP Ruto's Karen Home

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Nairobi County Gubernatorial Aspirant Hon. Magret Wanjiru has hinted while speaking in deputy president William Ruto's Karen home today said that UDA Aspirants should stop chest stamping across they cross the country. According to Hon. Magret Wanjiru the only way for UDA Aspirants can achieve their ambition is when they unite together all tribes.

UDA Aspirants should stop chest stamping because we need all tribes together so that we can be able to win come 2022. No single tribe can win a seat Nairobi, we must come together and unite.

In my opinion Hon. Magret Wanjiru is right for UDA party to win in a place like Nairobi County they must unite so that they can emerge victorious come 2022. Remember that Hon. Magret Wanjiru is a Gubernatorial Aspirant in Nairobi county come 2022.

Do you think that Magret Wanjiru would win the Gubernatorial seat come 2022, using the UDA party that is associated with the second in command of the republic of Kenya William Ruto?

You can follow this link and watch the video for yourself;


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