One Of the First Women to Take Vaccine In SA allegedly passed away, See How Mzanzi Reacted.

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It’s very rare to go a day without hearing a new story about vaccines. Every day we hear new things about conspiracy and claims about them. This might be caused by lack of information among people. The government should have given a free vaccine guide or short brief to make people aware of what a vaccine is and the basics of it, because many people don’t really understand it. People think vaccines make one immortal, and that’s not true. Vaccines just protect you and give your immune system more power to fight a certain virus, but you can still die from a virus that you are vaccinated against.


Many people were shocked when they heard that one of the first women who took the COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa had passed away due to COVID-19.

Iris Adams is a professional nursing assistant manager who was courageous enough to take the vaccine first and voluntarily in order to influence other people to take it too.

The lady, a Western Cape health professional, has reportedly died of the terrible sickness following a long struggle with the virus. As usual, this has been a subject of concern for individuals who have rejected the vaccine for the corona virus. They believed that the country was continuously trying to bury such information.


After this was posted, many people were asking how she could die of the virus that she’d been vaccinated against. It is evident that many people are not well informed about vaccines, which is why they claim that they will never vaccinate. It’s time our government started programs to give people primary information about vaccines to reduce conspiracy theories. See people’s reactions below:




Vaccines are not treatments; they don’t fight off viruses; their job is to help your body develop an immune system. It is your body's immune system that will decide whether it will develop a sufficient immune system or not.


Hence, vaccine efficacy and vaccine effectiveness have been explained so many times. There is no vaccine yet that has 100% efficacy and effectiveness. For every case like this, there are hundreds of thousands whose lives have been saved. Rest in peace, Mme Adams, and condolences.


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