Last WhatsApp Message of Namhla Before She Was Shot nine Times Reveals Numerous Secrets

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Before Namhla turned into allegedly shot nine instances for allegedly seeking to go away an abusive, she despatched out a chain of WhatsApp messages to humans inquiring for prayers. She turned into stated to had been shot after she attempted to desert her lover, who turned into allegedly violent. She discovered thru the Whatsapp that she turned into being abused. A girl who examine the message wrote, “Why do guys hate us so a whole lot? She didn’t should be shot nine instances due to the fact she desired to depart a dating that turned into breaking her down?

The police aren’t doing something approximately it, worse element”. Many women are clamouring for justice, pronouncing that girls are now no longer secure in South Africa. Another girl wrote, “He remoted her from her family.

I imply after a month and with all this proof and there’s been no arrests or maybe one suspect to be questioned?”.

There are many scares at the frame of the younger girl, depicting a chain of abuse and violation. She without a doubt persevered a whole lot in that dating earlier than her lifestyles turned into reduce quick with the aid of using the individual that shot her nine instances. Regarding the scares on her frame and the way she turned into crushed earlier than now, every other girl activist who's calling for justice for the slain girl wrote, “The unhappy element is the case turned into opened, the research officer is St. Loqani.

The day after the incident came about the police got here and a assertion turned into written, this turned into at the twenty second of April 2022. As a depend of fact, there was no arrests & nobody turned into questioned. This guy broke her down emotionally, psychologically,bodily till her death. These conversations are cringeworthy. Oh! yini umntanabantu". It turned into believed that the person shot him so commonly to make sure that she does now no longer have any threat of survival. Many girls are chanting justice for her on social media, pronouncing that sufficient is sufficient for the manner girls are being handled in South Africa.


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