L00k what people spotted at Nomcebo Zikode recent picture that made her a laughing stoke.

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Nomcebo Zikode, the superstat musician, shared photos of herself on Instagram while awaiting for her departure. She informed folks that she was taking a return flight in Doha, Qatar, as well as that her next destination would be Barcelona, where she would fly to Selliva. Well, the South African artist has been touring internationally recently to further her career. We all know Nomcela only sings Zulu songs, yet it's not uncommon for people from other countries to like them.

She pinned her three photos to the plan's reception area. There were many supporters, but no one paid her the prominence she receives in South Africa. As if she were not a superstar, everyone went about their standard operating procedure. You're all aware that when South Africans see her, they run up to her and embrace her, as well as snap photographs with her.

That was a unique circumstance. People appeared to be unconcerned about what was going on around them. Some didn't even bother to glance at her, while others were preoccupied with their phones. Her Instagram followers advised her that she should begin appearing more frequently in regions where they are familiar. Because she appears to be bored by singing in front of an audience that does not understand her lyrics. People weren't afraid to tell her that she appeared to be a loner in her photographs, as if she wasn't a celebrity.


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