DP Ruto On The Receiving End After Holding Another Huge Delegation In His Karen Residence


The deputy president William Ruto has been making headlines on the past few months since the public gatherings were banned. He has been hosting delegations from different parts of the country as well as from all walks of leadership as he continues to strategize ahead of the next year's polls. Ruto who was addressing the people who visited him urged him to urged the people to adhere to that rule of law.

"We are all duty-bound to respect the Constitution to guarantee an equal, just and fair society. Whatever we pursue, it must be guided by the needs of the public rather than personal interests." DP Ruto.

This has been seen like a response to the ongoing court proceedings on the BBI case which was appealed after the five bench high court judges ruled that the BBI is illegal null and void. The ruling which will emerge from these proceedings will determine the future of the BBI bill which is also likely to be affected on the basis of timelines.

The proceedings which started to today are likely to take three days when the seven judges bench is likely to give their determination. Ruto has been among those who are opposed to the BBI debate although he decided to take a position. He decided to stand on the fence until when he cerebrated as the reggae was paused, I'd when he desplayed that he was opposed to it.

These are some of the people's reactions on his continuous delegations in Nairobi.

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