Buruburu Girls To Take Two Students To Court Over The Fire Which Led To Loss Of Resources, Injuries

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Two students of Buruburu Girls High School are set to be arraigned in court over the fire incident which occured recently. According to reports, about 59 students sustained serious injuries and were admitted to hospital.

The two students are alleged to have planned and burned one of the cubicles before escaping and leaving behind their fellow students.

Investigations which were done revealed that the two were allegedly heard planning to burn the cubicles. They were then seen leaving the cubicles moments before the fire erupted.

Videos which were captured showed students jumping from as high as the third floor in an attempt to escape from the fire.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Professor George Magoha, has warned students against burning schools saying that all those involved are going to face the law.

Form Four and Form Three students are expected to resume their studies on Monday. The lower classes are reporting on Tuesday.

The school agreed to install CCTV cameras and also emergency exit doors in order to help if similar incidents happen in future.

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