Pastors meet to discuss issues of Being a Christian and a Sangoma at once.

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The AmaBishop show on Sunday night focused on whether one be a leader of the African spiritual community and also lead the western church at the same time. Most people suggested that Bishop Joshua Maponga who was not invited would have mopped the floor if he was there.

Some people think we can reach a point where we allow each other to worship whatever works for us without trying to look down on each other's beliefs. 

What needs to be understood is that African Spirituality is not Witchcraft, but the African way to communicate with God, same as the western religion. There should be respect and no down pulling or ridiculing of each other's religious beliefs.

Ancestors are also not a matter of belief, you have them whether you like it or not, they are you and you are them. Without their first existence you wouldn't be here and this is not a matter of debate. These are teachings that we grew up within, tie them in your heart for daily dose remembrance.

A certain Sangoma or Pastor alleged that you can’t use muthi on Sunday morning and go to church. The question is, what is wrong with using muthi on Sunday if there’s nothing wrong with using muthi on the other days of the week?

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