Signs That A Girl Truly Loves You


1.She finds you hilarious and funny: This might be hard to notice because so many girls might find you hilarious and interesting at the same time, but for someone who is really into you it’s totally different, she would always find you humorous even when you’re not and she never gets tired of it, most times all she wants to hear is your voice.

2.She’s very free and open minded with you: For someone who’s really into you, this is a very common gesture, she’s very open in anything that involves you even if she’s a shy type, this sign is very hard to hide, the moment you do something that involves her, she readily responds to you, most times seeking your attention.

3.She often asks a lot of questions: If she’s already in a conversation with you she wouldn’t want that conversation to end and she often prolongs the conversation by asking a lot of questions (mostly personal questions about you) some girls even ask about your girlfriend just to know if you have a girlfriend or not.

4.She’s always the first to say hello: This might not be noticeable because people often greet each other at the same time, but if you check closely she’s always the first person to say hello even when texting, she’s always the first to send a message and start up a conversation with you.

5.She often types then deletes a message: This can be seen mostly in “WhatsApp”, you might notice she has already sent you a message but before you’re about to open and read the message she deletes it, this is because she might have said something too personal or something out of the conversation and she thinks that would make you see her less, that’s why she would delete the message, sometimes you also notice that she has been typing for quite some time and then she stop and doesn’t send any message, it’s also because the message she was about to send might have been too personal or out of the conversation.

6.She can’t stay mad at you: Yes, a girl who really likes you cannot stay mad at you for a long time, she’s always the first to apologize and make things right with you, even when you are the cause for the dispute. She finds it difficult to stay angry at you and would do anything to make it right between both of you.