Signs you are carrying an unhealthy baby in your womb

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It is important to be able to tell the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy fetus if you want to keep your baby safe because having an unhealthy fetus may result in a miscarriage if care is not taken.

During the second trimester, your fetus grows more sensitive to sound, light, and pain. This is also a time when they are exposed to threats that may have an impact on their growth and development, either directly or indirectly which is why it is important to recognize warning signs in other to take preventive or corrective measures to stop them.

Here are signs you are carrying an unhealthy fetus

1 Excessive cramping during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, you are bound to feel lots of pain and aches. However, extreme pain that feels like period cramps is a red flag that could be caused by inadequate blood flow in early pregnancy. If this pain persists, contact your doctor immediately.

2 Extreme back pain

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Back pain is frequent in pregnant women because the growing baby puts a lot of tension on the spine and lower back and the discomfort gets even worse when you are expecting multiples. So, if you experience pain that starts in the front of your body and moves to the back rather than a dull discomfort in the back, see your doctor right away.

3 Vaginal bleeding

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During pregnancy, women experience spotting which is perfectly natural. However, when heavy bleeding occurs it is always a cause for concern and should be assessed by a doctor immediately. It could be a sign of miscarriage, hormone bleeding, or implantation bleeding.

4 No fetal movement

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At week 18, the fetus begins to react to sound, light, and pain. During pregnancy, you should feel roughly 10 kicks every two hours during this time and the count drops when the fetus is in discomfort. If you notice a reduction or sudden stop in fetal movement It's a clear indication that you should see a doctor for proper treatment.

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