Flashback: Meet one of the honest and the Only Journalist in Ghana to declare he is Gay.


A Ghanaian news anchor has openly revealed to being gay for the very first time. According to Ignatius Annor, he kept his social standing hidden to avoid the stress of losing his job and the disgrace that would follow. “This will be the first time I utilize your platform to publicly declare that I am not just a fighter for the rights of Africa's sexual factions, but I am also gay.

He went on. “Apparently, I rejected it out of fear of losing my job,” he claimed. I was working for a fantastic Accra tv channel and was scared of what would happen to me personally.” He further stated that members of his group are upset because no one is permitted to publicly identify himself.

“What my organization is seeking for is the prospect love that every human race craves, particularly in the case of Ghana heterosexuals,” he continued. There has been a lot of back and forth since the group opened an office in Accra, Ghana.

Concerns over the community's activities have now resurfaced, with calls from a diverse array of Ghanaians to suspend the group's operations. According to the LGBT activist, though, this would be a violation of their human rights.

"It doesn't feel like I'm a human being who deserves the right to jobs, the right to education, and the basic human rights to be free to walk and drive around Ghana as an openly homosexual guy," he added. It's not right; it's dehumanizing and terrifying.”

The reporter, who is presently working for Euronews English, revealed his tale on the show, stating he was unsatisfied since he returned to Ghana only to be refused job possibilities owing to concerns about his sexuality, and that this was due to the stigma that his society carries.

Despite his mother's proclamation that such an organization is "evil," the activist says that his mother's viewpoint was affected by what is regularly fed into people's thoughts and, eventually, hearts.

According to the Information Minister, the Government should consider enacting law to address the expansion of such a community because the behavior is culturally undesirable. Mr. Annor, on the other hand, wishes that those directives can be removed from the records of the Republic of Ghana so that citizens like himself can contribute to the economy.

My question is if Ghanaians will ever accept LGBT people in the future.

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