How Comes I Cannot See the University or College KUCCPS has Placed me in their Official Portal?


KUCCPS plays a very important role in education. The body will place you in one of the schools among those you selected to join.

KUCCPS will only place you in one school. The truth is they haven't placed people in any institution and that may be the reason why you cannot see the school that you will join.

The advantage is that you will be texted by the KUCCPS information that you have been placed in a particular school. Before they have sent you that message your portal will be showing nothing.

Meanwhile, keep checking their site and also do not throw away your sim card for which you used the phone number to fill your placement. Through that number, you will receive their contact. The message sent to you will only tell you which school and later on you will be texter by the school informing you to download your application letters that will clearly state when you should join. Meanwhile, relax and wait.

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