Ruto Blows Today's Message Saying That Only Some Few Individuals Are Destructing The Government


The deputy president Dr. William Ruto today at the New Breed City Chapel church service where he was accompanied by other leaders.

The deputy president talk of the division that is now occuring in the country and the instability of the government regarding the good leadership.

He went further and said that only four, five or six people are actually directly affecting the rulling and performance of the presidential leadership.Though the deputy president William Ruto didn't mention those four, five or six people but with our own configuration they are his opposers.

He said that this people should give the president a space to do his job as the president by working for the citizens of Kenya rather than the president himself working for these people.

However, those opposers of the deputy president are trying with all means to undermine the deputy president politically and to bring him down so that coming next year's general election they may win over him.

The opposition side themselves well know that to undermine the deputy president William Ruto is a heavy task because the deputy president is outsmarting them through his best strategies over winning the heart of many citizens and always preaching the word of unity and making the hustler nation better.

The deputy president's movement is actually spreading like a wildfire through the hustler movement and helping the poor and people with inability through the country.