Is this really fashion?


We live in an era where people are very concerned about what they wear. They do think about how people are going to rate their outfits.

Day in day out, new fashion trends pop up. Some are really entertaining while others have numerous question marks hovering around them.

You do ask yourself, "Is this really fashion? Or are they just going too far?"

I made a compilation of pictures which went way beyond fashion. You do ask yourself what triggered the idea behind these outfits but the answer to this question seems futile.

Below are pictures which depicts how fashion went too far

1. Who made this outfit? I probably took half price

2. This guy is hilarious

3. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new couple in town

4. Is this really fashion?

5. And then, there's this guy

6. Why do they have to expose some body parts? Can't they just cover everything?

7. Fashion they said, very well said!!!

8. Half man, half woman

9. I reserve my comments

10. Why can't they just cover everything?

11. I heard these are expensive than the normal trousers

12. The new trend in town

13. Look at this guy

14. Oh no, this is way out of hand

15. I wouldn't say this is fashion. There is something wrong over here

16. This guy is hilarious. Who does that?

17. Be my judge, is this cool?

18. And then there's this lady

19. Look at how her trousers are squeezing her muscles

20. Would you wear this?

21. Oh no!!!

22. Basically, her mammary gland is showing

23. Fashion, I guess

24. Her outfit is nice but it would have looked nicer if it covered all her body completely

25. How do you call this? Fashion?

26. No comments!!!

27. What is going on here?

28. She deserves a medal

29. This lady is funny


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