The Craze With Having A Hug Backside; Know The Science About It And Why Women Want It


It’s become a definition of beauty today for women with heavy backside. Some have grown theirs naturally and others through cosmetic therapies, plastic surgeries, and what not. The trend had caused undue competition among women across the globe, as they get to monetize their accounts on social media by sharing photos and videos of their endowment.

Some women and girls without ‘proportionate’ amount or pound of flesh at their backside tend to have some lower self esteem when they learn about colleagues who get comfortable being endowed. But who do they blame for it?

Its simply a matter of genetic. But before I continue, let me introduce you to the term that defines heavy backsides or buttocks. It is termed ‘steatopygia’.

Steatopygia is a genetic characteristic leading to increased accumulation of adipose tissue or fats in the buttock region. This could build into areas such as the thighs down to the knee to produce a curvy figure for the person.

This characteristic is commonly found among women of Sub-Saharan Africa, Khoisan of Southern Africa and Pygmies of Central Africa. There are a few other tribes or race that have this characteristic too.

Though it is largely genetic, hormonal activities in women influences its development too.

So Why The Obsession/Craze With Heavy Backside?

The introduction of this article provided a fair idea about this behavioural characteristic. Having understudied patterns and preference of women who have huge backsides, these three observations stand out to be pronounced.

It has been inferred to be the motive with which today’s women [some] wish to have and maintain a heavy backside. Three motives have been identified and will be discussed accordingly,

Feeling Good Factor; having huge backsides tend to boost a woman’s self esteem due to the social construct, and idolizing of women with this endowment, especially in Africa. Today, clothing lines and designer companies tailor dresses just to expose these ‘curves’ so as to amplify the beautification effect.

Attraction Factor; Women with huge backsides get the attention in every gathering. They tend to steal the show anytime they make an appearance or passes by. Even in their photoshoots, women with heavy backsides tend to twist their waist to enhance the curvy back ends to prove they are endowed. This gets the attraction when you scroll through a series of these photos on Instagram, Pinterest and the likes.

Twerking Factor; trust me no woman without a proportionate pound of buttocks would dare twerk. The bouncy look of backsides feels good when the woman twerking is heavily endowed at the buttocks. Ratings on social media gets higher for such women than any others.


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