5 Reasons Condoms Are The Best Contraceptive Method for Every Woman

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Many women are always confused about which contraception method to use to prevent pregnancy. Here are the reasons why condoms are the best.

1. Cheap and readily available

Condoms are the cheapest contraception method that is available, more so, they are readily available, in all public hospitals.

Free condoms are distributed, and one can also buy the condoms at a low price in any shop around you.

2. Protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Apart from the prevention of pregnancy, condoms also protect us from sexually transmitted diseases, other contraception can prevent pregnancy but they cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases which are exceptional in condoms.

3. No adverse effects in the use of condoms

When you use condoms as a contraception method, there are no adverse effects that present.

As to other contraception methods, some can lead even to infertility, and more so, irregular periods, but condoms present with no adverse effects.

4. You only use condoms when you need

As to other contraception like the combined oral contraceptives, where you should take your medications or pills daily, for condoms, you only use when you need, making it the best.

5. Condoms are unbiased

As to other contraception where only women are subjected to the process to prevent pregnancy, condoms can be used by any partner.

In case one partner is not comfortable using the condom, then, the other partner can use it, since there are both female and male condoms.

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