7 Tips that May Help You Earn Your In-law's Respect When They Don't Believe in You.

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We may not get rich at the same time but that doesn't mean that one will not be wealthy if he keeps doing the right thing and put more effort to make it in life. A man may not continue to be waiting to make billions of naira before he will start thinking of marriage, he can marry and grow together with his wife.

When such a man is married, his in-laws may not respect him that much because of the level he is at the moment, that doesn't mean he should be angry with them. He should only work hard to make name for himself.

Below are tips that may help you earn your in-law's respect when they don't believe in you.

1. Accept who you are. Until a man accepts his true self, he may not be able to do anything about his life. See their reactions towards you as a catalyst to do more and achieve more.

2. Limit your visitation. if you know that your constant visitation to them makes you feel bad, it will be good that you try to distance yourself for some time.

3. Seek your wife's support. The only one you need her approval and support is your wife. Call her and talk to her. Explain the good plains you have for her and make her see the bright future you have for the two of you. This is important because your wife may not be as strong as you are and if you do not make her see the reason to stay with you, the pressure from your in-laws may be too much on her.

4. Be determined to make it. Get committed to your assignment and be result-oriented. Keep your focus and keep working till you make it.

5. Don't rush to impress them. The first person you may need to impress is your wife. Make sure your family has a good life. Treat her well and make her the envy of others. It is not time to impress your in-laws.

6. Do something great for yourself. Get landed properties and have your place. You will be remembered by those who look down on you. Success has a way of announcing itself. Empower your wife who refused to give up on you when you were still down.

7. You can now do something for your in-laws. When they see who you have become, they will respect you.

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