There is more value in discussing tree planting than failed Martin Amidu- Sam George Dzata roars

There is more value in discussing the national tree planting exercise than discussing Mr Martin Amidu and his so called epistles, Sam George told Serwah Amihere of GH One TV.

The Ningo Prampram lawaker describes the former Special Prosecutor as a huge failure as far as the fight against corruption is concerned.

Reacting to the latest epistle of the verbose writer and former Attorney General, Mr Samuel Nartey George said, "Martin Amidu must know that his day in the sun is done. He should go and sit at home and enjoy his retirement".

Adding, "Martin Amidu failed to prosecute any member of the ruling goverment despite the numerous scandals like Ameri deal and DPS".

"Show me Martin Amidu' track record as Special Prosecutor for over two years apart from politically personal vendetta fight he had with Mahama Ayariga. And today, the same Martin Amidu who couldn't prosecute a fly want to talk to us about corruption.

In a related development, Mr Sam George raises dubt about the independence of the newly appointed Special Prosecutor, who is yet to be vetted, pointing to his closeness to high rank members of the ruling goverment.

"I honestly hold the view that the office of the Special Prosecutor is a needless creation", he added.