Breaking News; Kakamega School On Fire (photos)

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This morning, one of the greatest school in Western Region, Kakamega School, has been in the headlines following a fire outbreak at the school.

The dormitory known as High rise Phase One, Two and Three were seen thus morning in fire and smoke.

The school is one of the great when it comes to education and extra curricular activities. Known by the name, Green Commandos, the school holds a record on the football games countrywide. Moreover, rugby and drama festivals are other activities which make this school to be one of a kind.

However, it has been a sad moment for the teachers, students and the school alumni following this morning news.

According to the sources, the dormitory was seen catching a huge fire that spread across the roof with huge smoke coming from it.

The fire fighters arrived to help in the extinguishing of the fire. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported from the case.

The cause of the fire is not known as it is being worked out to know what led to the fire outbreak.

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