Mount Kenya MPs Who Accompanied Ruto To Kiambu County Today

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The deputy president William Ruto today continued with his campaigns in Kiambu County where he was accompanied by several leaders from Mount Kenya region. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the deputy president William Ruto urged the residents to support him in the next general election which is planned to happen on August.

Despite that, the mount Kenya leaders who accompanied him also agreed to support his presidential candidature as we head in the electioneering period. The members of parliament from Mount Kenya region who accompanied Ruto includes the Kandara member of parliament Hon Alice. The other leaders includes the Mathira member of parliament Hon Rigathi Gachagua, Kiharu member of parliament Hon Ndindi Nyoro, Hon Githua Wamacukuru, Hon George Koimburu, Gathoni Wamuchomba, Hon Kimani Ichungwa and even law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi among other leaders.

The deputy president William Ruto encouraged leaders to work together so that they can have one agenda as we head in the August general election. Despite that, all youths are urged to register as voters so that they can elect their preferred leader in August election. Remember to wear mask and maintain social distance so that we can overcome this deadly disease called covid-19 in our country.

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