See why these two university ladies want to kill each other


The love of money can drive people crazy. When you love money, you are blind by it and you don't see the things you do wrong for money.

Some people after they have passed through a disgracing moment for money, they later regret and change their ways. But this is not so with everyone.

There has been this viral video if university ladies fighting furiously for a boy. The two are said to be dating one man in the same university.

The man according to sources, is a rich fraudster who spoils his girlfriends with a lot of money. Because of how he easily spend money in girls, these girls upon realizing they are pairing the same man, lock hones and never seem to let go of the man for any.

From the video on social media, it was hard for people around to separate them. They both want to have the man for themselves but sharing him is what they don't want.

Because of the money of the guy, these girls were at the point of tearing each other clothes and exposing their bodies without any care.