Reasons Women Would Want To Have Sex

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Physical Attraction

Women are very conscious about the way they look. They put in extra effort into getting ready, so as to look their best at every occasion. Hence, having intimacy with them is a sign that the man is attracted to her. For women, it signifies that they can sway men with just their looks.

Expressing Love

Women are seen as precious rubies that can never be replaced. Once they fall in love with someone, they are willing to do anything for that particular person. Considering that fact, sharing themselves with the one they choose, is their way of expressing how great their love is for the person.

To End Arguments

In times of conflict when the man is providing too difficult to persuade, women just find their way to get intimate with him. This will immediately change the mood afterwards, as the misunderstanding would have dropped and forgotten.

For Better Communication

As the man will be endlessly working and tired most at times, they won't have time to talk to their partners and listen to them. Women knowing this will get intimate with them, and later on try to get them to listen.

To Strengthen Bond And Connection

Intimacy represents how well two people connect with each other. Therefore, women like to have intimacy to keep on growing that connection and strengthen the bond of togetherness between you two.

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