Tough Pesticides Requlations To Ensure Food Security


Using pesticides in our crops lift our agricultural production by as much as 90 percent, but it is a food production blessing that requires powerful requlations and strict safety measures to ensure that we gain in food and do not lose in any way in human health and environment.

In Kenya achieving that oversight is based on four requlatory pillars. The beginning points for that structure is the fact that pest losses suffered b untreated crops can be extremely high.

The first pillar in that system is the comprehensive scientific review and risk assessment in collaboration with expertise from other jurisdictions which spans more than 290 separate studies of health and environment impact, carried out for six to nine years at a cost of an average sh 34 billion.

The test include assessment of how a product is absorbed, distributed, metabolised an excreted by human body. The entire barrier of international testing and results has been ignored by the campaigners who claims that Kenya public is being subjected to untested products.