Ghana Bar Association Are We In Banana Republic Or Democratic Republic???

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The allegations of Hon. Muntaka Mubarak has recently shown some disrespect to our Apex court judges which the CJ has issued a letter to probe the allegations.

Hon. Muntaka Mubarak said that it's not a mere allegation but He as a Member of Parliament can prove when called upon to investigate.

This allegation is not favourable at the moment since these same judges will be on the panels of judges of the Election Petition Hearing. The situation needs to be investigated and shame the perpetrators.

Ghana Bar Association has been selected for their regulations or statements, why am I saying this; we were here in Ghana where a whole Honourable Member of Parliament insulted and threatened some judges where at that time GBA needs to condemn that and bring the victim to face the law but what happened.

The case was dismissed in a mind boggling way that was misunderstood by the good people of Ghana. 

Ghana Bar Association was unable to fight for its own member threatened by an Honourable Member of Parliament.

This issue is different and the Apex Court needs to set up an independent Investigation Panel to probe into it and bring the perpetrators to face the law. We can't always forgo things that bring international embarrassment to our nation under the carpet.

Ghana Bar Association should act on the law and stop the bias or are they afraid of some people in this country or are they acting on partisan lines to favour a few and not the nation at heart.

Their piece can't be accepted and to some extent it's rather rendered useless.

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