Prophet Makandiwa demonstrating instand healing over a man that was bedridden due to TB: Opinion

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I understand that in these days that we are living in people don't believe in miracles anymore, and it is due to some of the staged miracles that were done by those that are trying to spoil the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Still that doesn't mean that the real ones are not there.

They are stages miracles or fake miracles were fake prophets would pay the people to pretend to be sick, but still that does not mean that the real miracles do not exist. The real miracles does exist, if Jesus could do it during the time that he was on this earth, he has given us empower to can also do it, Mark 16.

The gospel of the kingdom of God is not just a matter of wotds, but it is also demonstration of power. Power has to be demonstrated to people, they have to know who is God. The Apostle Paul said, "that I may know him, and also with the power that raised him from the dead. He just doesn't want to end by knowing the Lord only, but also knowing him by the power that the raised him from the dead. Knowing God is knowing His person, but knowing his power is knowing what He can do, it is knowing His personality. So you need to know the person of God and his personality.

The men of God here is demonstrating just that power according to the word of God. We've seen when his ministry began, people used to go to him with worst conditions, and there will be instant miracles, instant healings. It happened without anyone being bought. They happened with evidence of the condition before the person was ministered to, and after prayer, so we have experienced it, and we have seen that the men of God is truly used by God.

The man prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is used by God in the miracles, especially deliverance and healing. People need to know that in these last days, there is a mighty move of God, but if you side with critics, you may never the power of God in your life. Anyway it should be opposed because even Jesus was the called the Prince of demons. So not everybody will believe, but that doesn't mean it's fake.

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