Nelson Havi Hints at Vying for MP


LSK President Nelson Havi has hinted at vying for the post of Member of Parliament in the future.

Nelson Havi presented his record at the LSK as the ground for the people to trust him with more positions of influence in Government.

“The small file in my office titled “Letters from Dr. Gibson Kamau Kuria, SC” gave birth to two big files: Dissolution of Parliament and the BBI Bill. With these milestones, I believe I have served Kenyans well at LSK. I propose to serve them better in the National Assembly,” Mr. Havi said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Havi said that he has worked to get an order ordering the dissolution of Parliament. These orders were issued by the Chief Justice in 2020 but are still undergoing the appeal process.

He also said that his work towards the halting of the BBI Bill should be treated as a key achievement because it helped liberate the people.

Nelson Havi has however not specified the specific parliamentary seat that he will contest.