Top 9 businesses that are cheap to start and earn big profits


Whenever you want to venture into a good profitable business in Kenya today, I will show you among the top performing businesses. The top 9 best with high profits jobs are:

1. Wine and spirit business

2. Photography

3. Used clothes retailing(mitumba)

4. Cake business

5. Snacks shop

6. Butchery

7. Cybercafé with Internet

8. Owning 2-3 bodaboda

9. Car wash business.

If you want to get rich, these are the top businesses you should consider. Let's look at detailed information about them.

1. Wines and spirits.

This is among the top performing businesses in Kenya but to run it you need to have all the required permits. With an affordable supplier you can make 50% profit per every bottle sold. First you should look for a suitable location because this is a vital aspect to consider before investing in this business.

2. Photography.

All that you need to start this job is a good HD Camera with the right lenses, skills and be active on the media. Nowadays, most people are hiring photographers to capture that fun moments in birthdays, weddings, family celebrations, etc. On getting the camera the money you get paid is profit. The lowest paid photographer is ranging between ksh2500 per hour. Let's say in a wedding you work for 4 hours that is (2500×4) = ksh10,000.

3. Used clothes retailing(mitumba).

Everybody wants to look good and presentable that being a reason to buy clothes especially to youths. This is a very profitable business to start with low capital.

At gikomba a Lady's dress goes for around ksh100 then when you take it to market you will sell it at ksh250-300 giving you a profit of sh(150-200) that is 150+% profit.

4. Cake business.

First and foremost make sure you have baking skills, good online marketing and a perfect location to set up the business. Nowadays almost every celebration a cake is required for a successful party. Birthday, baby shower, weddings, house parties, graduation, etc a cake must be eaten hence making it fast growing business opportunity.

5. Snacks shop.

If you like and very passionate on cooking like me then this is the right job for you. This is a business with 100% profit. Most peoples don't like carrying Food from home to work, instead they take money to buy some snacks on their way. Examples of common snacks are mahamri, chapatis, mandazi, samosa, cakes and others.

6. Butchery.

Everybody wants to have a good meal on the table, meat is a good meal in every Kenyan family. As long as you set up your butcher in a well populated and busy environment, this will never fail you. Only profits will fill your record book.

7. Cybercafé with internet.

Half of the population worldwide interact with the Internet. The secrete behind a cybercafé business is the location set up. The best location is near a university, college, betting shop or a learning institution. Despite having cheap computers a good number of people still uses cybercafés for their research.

8. Owning 2-3 bodaboda.

Since the government eased the taxes on imported motorcycles, this has become a major employment to many youths. A good motorcycle roughly coasts between 70,000-100,000. A single motorcycle will generate more than ksh500 on daily basis. Monthly they will earn you good money. With good licensed riders this business will generate good income.

9. Car wash business.

Vehicles are all over, and they need to cleaned, this business is cheap to start because all you need is a good location, business permit, car washing machine and other few things. This is a top ranking job in Kenya mostly among the youths. It also has very high profits.

Note that when making a decision you should consider the field that you are passionate with and have good skills on.

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