Eve Mungai Takes Jalang'o's Advise To Brand Her Own YouTube Channel As The Biggest Show In Kenya


Eve Mungai has heeded an advise from famous media personality Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o during the hand over of Omoshe's house.

Jalang'o during an interview with Eve advised the young YouTuber to brand her channel as the best online TV other than her normal introduction where she introduces herself and then her guest.

According to Jalang'o, he started calling Jalang'o TV number one online show when he had only three subscribers

Furthermore, Jalang'o urged Eve to start looking for brands that are looking to market their products and partner with them so that her videos can have squeeze backs. Eve made a promise to do so from that moment.

And true to her words, in her next video she made an introduction as "hello guys, it's Mungai Eve welcome to the biggest online show in Kenya."

Mungai Eve is one of Kenya’s YouTube content creators who are using the platform to make money online.

Her path into YouTube came about due to the lockdown season in 2020. Eve found that she had a lot of time to spare and thus took a step into creating material for a channel. She posted her first video in October and since then has been on an exhilarating journey.

Her consistency with posting videos on unreached individuals and groups across the country has proven fruitful. Her YouTube channel now boasts of over 180k subscribers and has earned her a Silver YouTube Plaque.

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