"This your forehead is glowing" - Fans Trolls "Taaooma" as she shares new photos online.

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If you don't know Taaoma, then of a truth you are missing out. Taaoma is big time online comedian known for her funny skits, as she plays the role of a typical Nigerian Mother. Taaoma is a very popular comedian known for her wonderful skits on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as her videos keep flooding.

Yes, she is very talented as can take up to Four roles in her skits. The Father, Mama Tao, and Tao, and even Two brother. Surprisingly all these roles are performed by her.

Recently, she just dropped wonderful and adorable photos on Twitter, She is dressed in White and White. You all know she can do without covering her hair.

The talented Instagram comedian, who real Dave nevertheless looks funny. As gathered she is very shy outside her skits, and is fond of covering her face most of the time.

Her skits has Earned her thousands and Millions of Followers, on her different social media handle, you need to check them out.

Nevertheless, Fans trolls Taaoma. Some complemented her new looks. Saying she looks thick, and is really eating and enjoying herself.

Check out some Reactions.

Can you imagine what child of grace told taaooma. "This your forehead is flowing".

How is her forehead glowing now. Some people can be Troublesome with their over hyping.

If your love Taaooma drop a word for her.

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