Collins Obeng: NPP is The Best When It Comes to Administration


The New Patriotic Party's loyal servant in Bia West Constituency Collins Obeng believes when it comes to administration, the NPP is the best party in the Country's history

Collins Obeng a staunch member and spokes person for the ruling New Patriotic Party has disclosed when it comes to governing the country no party can be compared to the records the New Patriotic Party.

The NPP gained popularity in 2000 when former president John Kuffour brought the Party into limelight after a series of unsuccessful elections.

The New Patriotic Party is currently serving its second term in office under the watch of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, who defeated then incumbent, former president Mahama in the 2016 general elections, before completing the double over him in December 2020.

And barely close to 16 years of being in administration in Ghana, Collins Obeng believes the New Patriotic Party is the best when it comes to ruling the Nation, after the party had tackled many social intervention issues as well as the provision of some significant infrastructures.

Lamenting his story, he said the introduction of (National Health Insurance) NHIS to replace Cash and Carry have made the access to primary health care more accessible to many people. In addition, Akuffo-Addo's policies such as Free SHS, NABCO, Planting for Food and Jobs has also revealed many citizens from all manner burdens.

And on top of it all, he added that the party showed great leadership during the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, after the President together with it cabinet ministers brought up great measures that prevented the virus from having much impact on the economy and citizenry at large.

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