Ghanaian Police Declare Barry Jhay Innocent, Says He has nothing to do with Kashy's Death

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Some few weeks back, the news of the death of record label boss Babatunde Oyerinde populary known as Kashy Godson was announced. The record labe boss who is the owner of record label, Cash nation allegedly died in Ghana 

The news of his death went viral really quickly because of the nature of the death.

As at the time the event took place, there was no clear news as to what caused his death. While some allegedly claimed he was pushed off the balcony of his house by someone he was doing transaction with, other claimed he had been going through depression for quite sometime and decided to commit suicide. 

However, one of the trainees, Barry jhay in his label record was suspected due to the fact that the duo had been in a fight few days before Kashy death.

In a recent news, it has been discovered that the Ghanaian police had declared him innocent and reported that he had nothing to do with his boss's death

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