Opinion: Insecurity in Nigeria will soon be over


The insecurity issue in Nigeria has grown to such proportions that it not only necessitates a multistakeholder approach, as advocated by some, in quelling the conflagration that threatens Nigeria's statehood, but also a revival and reinforcement of moral values and virtues.

Insecurity isn't just a Nigerian issue; it affects a number of developing countries, as well as most countries around the world. We are all aware that this issue is becoming more prevalent in Nigeria on a daily basis. Given the fact that it is getting worse, some people are out in the woods defending me and you. They have families as well, but they dedicate their lives and assets to ensuring the survival of all people. Obviously, they are deserving of praise.

But it was the actions of the Nigerian Army that prompted me to develop such strong feelings for the nation. Everyone understands what it takes to be a security guard: dedicating time and energy, leaving loved ones behind, and protesting the country. Honestly, such armies are deserving of our praise.

The best news that made me happy yesterday was learning that the Nigerian Army had captured the most infamous bandit leaders terrorizing communities in an operation in forests and other bandit hideouts across three Niger State local government areas.

To be honest, the Nigerian Army's actions are the only thing that makes me believe that, by God's grace, Nigerian insecurity will soon be over. So, how about you?

AbdulwaheedSofiullahi kenya_public@operanewshub.com