Neighbor To Kabete Killer Cop Finally Speaks As He Reveals Details Concerning Benson Imbatu

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By the time gunshots went silent on the wee hours of Tuesday morning, several bodies were lifeless in the Kabete Area. Their deaths had been caused by a police officer who had turned rogue overnight. 

According to initial reports, Corporal Benson Imbatu was supposed to be on duty on Monday night but excused himself and went home. His home was near the police station. 

He reportedly killed his wife for two months before he took the anger to the streets. He started killing anyone that came across. By the time he took away his life, Imbatu had killed 5 people on the streets. 

According to those who knew him, Imbatu was not your ordinary cop. He was a troubled man who was always ready to pull the trigger. One of his neighbors revealed that he was Feared around the neighborhood with residents terming him as 'a quick to pull the trigger' type. According to his neighbor, Imbatu was an angry man who rarely spoke to anyone unless they were arguing. 

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