Video: SHS student proposed to his girlfriend after their last WAEC paper.

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When you think about it, love can inspire some people to do things that you wonder if they would do the same thing if they weren't in love. Young people are frequently the ones that take rash moves to propose to their loved ones, only to be heartbroken when things do not go as expected in their relationship. 

Two Senior High School students who just finished school today declared their love for each other in a video that has gone popular on the internet. Following the completion of their final West Africa Examination Certificate paper, these two students decided to take the excitement of finally finishing school to the next level.

In this Instagram video, a SHS boy who has just finished school is on his knees proposing to his lovely young lady and asking her to marry him. The entire situation surprised the attractive young lady to the point where she became emotional and began crying tears of joy as he accepted his proposal. When the young lady accepted his proposal, the young became so happy that he held her so firmly while still on his knees, and the girl continued to cry on his shoulder.

Their friends who were standing there and witnessed the drama became overjoyed by the whole thing and began popping champagne on them while wishing them a wonderful and happy married life.

This should not be happening under normal circumstances because they are young and should be thinking about how they are going to take their studies to the next level and how they are going to thrive in life rather than thinking about marriage at this stage of their lives. But we now live in a morden society where young people have no discipline and may do whatever they want without anyone instructing them what to do.

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