Honorable Gideon Moi Is Actually a Man to Watch. He Is a GameChanger

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Politics and good governance

Honourable Gideon Moi, Senator Baringo county, has proven himself in the World of politics. He has challenged the self proclaimed kingpin of Rift valley region, Dr. William Ruto, in two consecutive terms. That's by running the past two general elections using KANU party and emerged with significant numbers that put him at the best place to succeed President Kenyatta.

For one to become Kenya's president, he must have enough money to mount a serious presidential campaign. Gideon Moi is actually come from Moi's family, believed to be the richest family in Kenya.

With money, Gideon Moi is a man to watch ahead of 2022 general election. We know very well that Kenya's politics rely on big pockets.

Gideon Moi is a man who is highly guarded in the manner he speak. He is always brief on podiums. This makes it difficult to read his next steps.

Kenyans are always interested in voting in leaders who are humble, honest and peace loving. Honourable Moi is a preacher of peace love and harmony. This means that he can be accepted by kenyans come 2022.

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