#Uzalo|Sbonelo makes the biggest mistake of his life and lands on the hands of his enemies

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The situation in the community of Kwamashu is starting to be tense after the beautiful lady has just arrived in the community and offers the Mhlongos the best deal, but Sbonelo was attracted to this young lady who has just revealed her true identity and her motives.

But the girl has other plans if destroy the Mhlongod after what they did to Vika and she is the daughter of Njinji, who is going to send a strong message to Nkunzi who is going to realize that, the same family that he brought into tears is the one that has kidnapped mission.

Things are about to be hectic this week because Sbonelo's life is under threat as they are going to torture him, and make his father be in serious pain as he learns that his son is at the hands of his enemies that he known a long time ago.

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